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CCTV is a valuable tool in crime prevention and site monitoring. Install a high quality CCTV system with the latest
advanced digital technology to enable crystal clear recorded images.

CCTV can be a valuable aid to perimeter protection as well as improving the security of sensitive areas. It offers
many advantages including reducing crime and unauthorised access. At SK security we use the latest advanced
digital technology to enable us to provide the best systems and service possible, at an affordable price.
We can design, supply, install & maintain CCTV systems which range from single camera/single monitor installations
to those with multiple cameras with sophisticated control and monitoring equipment capable of remote access
and review. Working with you we identify the exact CCTV package that is most suitable for your requirements,
whether it is for domestic or commercial premises.

'See Before You Buy'

We can provide you with a full demonstration of the equipment at our office before you purchase. For home security
Closed Circuit Television has become an important security provision. We can integrate CCTV into home security
systems providing a higher level of protection. With our home CCTV systems, images are stored digitally, there are
no tapes to change. Cameras sense movement and so record only when necessary to give longer recording times. By
linking your CCTV system to your Broadband connection, your home can be watched over 24 hours a day. You can see
what's happening while you are away, and with the latest 3G phones and text messaging you can be alerted whilst you
are on the move and then view images from your mobile! For more information or demonstration please contact us by
e-mail or by telephone on 01924 488299.

Some of the CCTV brands we install:



Intruder alarm systems have evolved over the years into sophisticated building management systems, capable of providing
useful data such as event logging, opening and closing times and verification.

We can design, install and service intruder alarm systems to suit your exact requirements, whether it's a simple 'audible only'
system or a high security remotely monitored system. By using the correct equipment, properly installed, false alarms can be
eliminated and you can have confidence in knowing that your property, personnel and possessions are secure at all times.

For further details, please contact us.

We offer the following equipment, systems and services:

  • Intruder alarms for commercial, industrial and domestic sites
  • Security lighting
  • Perimeter systems

Alarms systems we install: